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Markets Punish Behavior That Reflects a CEO's Lack of Integrity

"The larger point of this research, I think, is that when it comes to human behavior, when someone commits a transgression in one domain, we tend to associate it with their behavior in all other domains, as well. So once you are identified as a cheater, you always become a cheater."


Leadership Lessons on Persistence (in Crisis)

"Often people are so distracted by the immediate and manifest aspects of a crisis that they ignore systemic issues. Glossing over a crisis as an isolated incident, when it isn’t, serves only a short-term agenda. 

"..act like you know the situation is serious. Defensive platitudes, denials or cover-ups all eventually fail. 

"The best responses are full-throated and responsible. Carefully examine cause and remove people who interfere with the effort. The most valuable expertise is flexible, not fixed. 

"Creativity, openness and integrative thinking are needed for insight and insight is critical to seeing what is beneath the surface. Leaders have the power to quash or inspire. Often they douse the flames of creativity in the name of effectiveness, compliance or pragmatism.

"At least this is observable. What is more insidious and costly is the crushing power of inertia supported by a culture that is ossified and fearful." 


Benefits of an Ombuds (or third-party assistance)

"What makes us so different from, say, HR, or Compliance, or Legal, all of those are what I will call formal channels within an organization. 

"So, when you go to one of those formal channels, you actually put the company on notice of your issue, and then some formal process or investigation will follow.

"And there’s a ton of research out there that shows that folks are just reluctant, for whatever reason, to come forward to those formal channels when they’re struggling with an issue. Usually, it’s out of fear, fear of retaliation, fear of not being believed, fear of just not knowing what’s going to happen if they engage in that formal process.

"What the Ombuds Office does, it allows folks to come forward on an informal basis, and they can talk with us about their issue completely confidentially, completely off the record except in cases where there is an imminent risk of serious harm."