Poised, ethical, successful, critical problem solving

Crisis Management. Reputation Repairs. Dispute Resolution.



My attention has always been drawn to the question "why" when it comes to crisis, disputes and conflict. It inspires me to read psychology books and articles, take new training, interview people, write frequently and learn.

I'm driven to help people, whether organization's missions, leaders themselves, any professional or any individual.

When we are on the verge of or deep in the thick of a crisis, dispute or struggling with conflict, it isn't always natural to know how think about it effectively and respond skillfully. It is my interest and commitment to help those in need.

My background includes education, experience and successful leadership in serving others in crisis communications, crisis management, media relations, public relations. dispute management, conflict deescalation and coaching. 

There are different services and successful remedies and solutions that protect, mitigate damage, heal and overcome. 

Whether your challenges are business in nature, workplace, brand reputation, or career and personal reputation, there are services and my commitment to you that will help you safely navigate crisis, disputes and conflicts.

It's not just business either. It's a personal relationship approach based on professionalism, ethics, courtesy and consistent empathy. 

It's about focus, collaboration and achievement. It's about assisting you get results.

Michael Toebe

Conflict Management Care

Education - B.A. in communications - public relations and additional focused study in speech and broadcasting. 

Certifications in conflict resolution, negotiation, advanced negotiation, conflict management, negotiation: difficult problems and people, conflict consulting, mediation, commercial mediation, strategy and anger management specialist (coaching).

Media internships - two-and-a-half years of radio talk show internships (current events, sports and consumer advocate). 

Also worked as talk show host, radio and newspaper reporter, freelance writer and in corporate and industry research capacities.

Have contributed to Corporate Boardroom, ChiefExecutive.net, CEO.com, American City Business Journals, Mediate.com, Medium, business blogs and newspapers.

Crisis -  "a time of intense difficulty, trouble  or danger.  A time when a difficult or important decision must be made."